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Experience the thrill of maximizing your savings with our cutting-edge bundle builder tool at Irish Entertainments! Unveil the potential of your reservations as you unlock unparalleled discounts across a spectrum of services. Seamlessly easy to navigate, this tool is your gateway to a world of excitement and value. 

Here's the inside scoop on how we supercharge your discounts: While the crown jewel of your selection retains its full value, we unleash the power of savings on the rest. Perfect for those seeking a solo experience, but the real magic happens when you dive into a world of choices. As your cart blossoms with more items, so do your savings.

Watch the prices dance as the second-in-line takes a bold 5% plunge, the third in queue seizes a thrilling 10% slash, and hold your breath for the fourth contender basking in a generous 15% deduction. But the adventure doesn't stop there! With every addition that follows, relish an extra 5% reduction that stacks with the previous, creating a crescendo of savings that only escalates. 

At Irish Entertainments, we're not just providing services – we're sculpting experiences and redefining affordability. Dare to dream big, choose bigger, and let our bundle builder whisk you away on a journey where your savings shine as brightly as your memories!

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Custom Bundle Builder

360 Video Booth Platinum 4 Hours (€650.00) 📷
360 Video Booth 3 Hours (€550.00) 📷
350 Video Booth 2 Hours (€450.00) 📷
Street Fighter II Arcade (€150.00) 🎮
Pac Man (€150.00) 🕹️
Ceremony Music (€150.00) 🎶
CO2 Party Gun (€150.00) 💨
Confetti Cannon (€150.00) 🎉
DJ Full Night Wedding (€550.00) 🎧
DJ After Band Wedding (€350.00) 🎵
Dry Ice Effect Tues to Friday (€350.00) ❄️
Dry Ice Saturday Wedding (€450.00) ❄️
10 Tier Stand Ferrero Rocher (€200.00) 🍫
3D White Floral Heart (€200.00) 🌸
Gobo Traditional (€200.00) 🔦
Gobo Bespoke (€280.00) 🔦
Karaoke (€350.00) 🎤
Smartphone Charging Table (€100.00) 🔌
InstaPod Photo Booth with Printing (€450.00) 📸
InstaPod Photo Booth without Printing (€350.00) 📸
InstaPod Photo Booth with Green Screen (€470.00) 📸
Rose Gold Wedding Chairs Ceremony Only (€200.00) 💺
Rose Gold Wedding Chairs Ceremony & Reception (€250.00) 💺
Newlyweds Trivia Game Smartphone Game (€200.00) 🎲
Vintage Phone Audio Wedding Guestbook (€100.00) ☎️
Wedding Video Bronze (€1000.00) 🎥
Wedding Video Ceremony Only (€350.00) 🎥
Wedding Speech Bingo - (Smartphone Version) (€200.00) 🎲
Wedding Video 'Full Story Film' (€1850.00) 🎥
American Style Wedding DJ (€1100.00) 🎧

Ensuring the seamless application of your well-deserved discount is a straightforward process. To confirm and enjoy your exclusive savings, follow these user-friendly steps:

1. **Selection and Booking:** Choose the services that align with your preferences and proceed to secure your reservations by completing the booking process on our secure website.

2. **Payment:** Make the suggested payment as indicated during the booking process. This step is essential to initiate the confirmation of your selected services.

3. **Discount Implementation:** Subsequent to your payment, our dedicated team will diligently apply the applicable discount on our end. Your total will be adjusted to reflect the savings you've earned.

4. **Client Portal Visibility:** You can expect to see this adjustment reflected in your personalized client portal within our system. This real-time update ensures transparency and keeps you informed every step of the way.

A friendly reminder: If any modifications or cancellations are made to your reservation, it may necessitate a recalculation of your discount. Please be aware that in such cases, there could be potential cancellation fees based on the terms outlined in our policies.

We're committed to delivering a smooth and enjoyable experience, from selection to savings. Should you have any queries or require assistance, our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to enhancing your journey with Irish Entertainments.