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The IceCycle (50 Guests) + €2.50 per guest up to 99 guests

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The IceCycle (50 Guests) + €2.50 per Guest up to 99 guests

Full Unit Price for 50 guests is €200

The Ice Cream Tricycle is a charming vintage bike from the 1920s that is perfect for outdoor events such as weddings, parties, and festivals. It's designed to house multiple choices of delicious ice cream scoops, making it an ideal way to keep your guests cool and satisfied on a hot day. With its charming retro look and mouth-watering treats, the Ice Cream Tricycle is sure to be a hit with guests of all ages. So why settle for boring old catering options when you can add a touch of nostalgia and fun to your event with the Ice Cream Tricycle?

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